The information on this page is intended for developers, programmers and others with an interest in open source technologies.   The content assumes knowledge of programming and development technologies.

The National Broadband Map is an open source project and is to be released under the BSD license.

Downloading and installing the source code

The source code is available directly from the subversion repository.  The instructions below will guide you through setting it up on your own webserver.  Please note that the site surrounding the map is not included.  Following these instructions will give you a copy of the map within the default SilverStripe template, as shown at (link opens in a new window.)

The National Broadband Map is built on top of SilverStripe an open source content management system. The SilverStripe installation instructions may be helpful if you need further guidance on how to set it up. Link to the SilverStripe installation instructions (link opens in a new window.)

These instructions are targeted at developers familiar with Subversion and setting up web applications.

  • First you need a compatible web-server.  See the SilverStripe installation instructions for information about how to do this.
  • Download the code from the following subversion repository.  Download it to a PHP5, MySQL, Apache web-server, for example in a demandmap/ subdirectory.
    svn co
  • Visit the demandmap/ directory in your web-browser.  You will be presented with the SilverStripe installation screen, where you can set up your database details.  Follow the installation process.
  • Sign up for a Google Maps API key.  Open the demandmap/mysite/_config.php file in a text editor, and add the following line:
    DemandMap::$google_api_key = '(your key)'; 
  • Open the demandmap/ directory in your web-browser.  You should now see a simple SilverStripe site, with Map and Register links.

Submitting patches

Patches for the National Broadband Map can submitted directly to SilverStripe.   Link to instructions on how to submit patches (link opens in a new window.)